out taking

i've been taking pictures of myself (almost) every day for two years now. TWO! that is nuts....and by nuts i mean narcissistic. blogging is a very narcissistic little hobby. anyways, every day david takes a couple dozen pictures of me/my outfit and i end up posting the best two or three...but there have been a whole slew of really terrible photographs taken of me in the process.

in case you're wondering, in real life i am clumsy and sarcastic and i often make the most uncomfortable jokes. these pictures probably show what i'm really like better than the ones that make it into my daily posts, so from time to time i'll be putting the best of the worst up! i just don't ever want you to think i'm taking things too seriously around here... ;)
"i'm getting sick. you smell like aftershave and taco meat."
"why would she have you meet her at a bar at 10 in the morning?"
"i just figured she was a raging alcoholic!"
"you know, pools are perfect for holding water..."
"i ate some bugs/i ate some grass/i used my hand/to wipe my tears"
"most smartest? get a picture of that, most smartest!"

if you don't think my movie quotes are hilarious, chances are we wouldn't be friends in real life. i love dumb movies, and i love quoting them.
...and now these gorgeous photos of me will forever live on the internet! stay classy, brandilyn.


  1. omg... i love your face. i just laughed the whole way down the page. almost as cute as joon but now quite there yet... its ok tho keep trying!!

  2. Haha love this! I've got a fair collection of 'out takes' myself that I want to post soon. Can't be taking things to seriously all the time around here! :)

    Life etc

  3. OH MY WORD. I think we NEED to be friends in real life. Very few people can quote "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (or actually have seen that show and like it). It's one of my very favorites! I'm always quoting really uncomfortable stuff from that, like "You know what, Dad? You know what? Peter's gay. GAY!!!!" And now I've made your blog uncomfortable with that quote. Sorry about that.

  4. Heheheheeeeee your face in that last one is glorious!!!

  5. Haha, Tyler and I always quote Hot Rod. One of our favoritsies.

  6. Haha, this is my favorite fashion post! Wonderful, wonderful idea!


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