river rats

flats: modcloth; jeans: gap; belt: panache; tee: target
it's too hot for anything but a tee shirt and jeans. actually, the jeans were a stretch.

we drove to cave falls and dipped our toes in the water today!
david and i took it upon ourselves to show off as much of our beloved idaho as we could while our parents were in town. we've fallen in love with this podunk little state and we don't care who knows it! also, sorry if feet pictures gross you out. i totally get it...and yet, here i am posting feet pictures.
david's dad was only here for a couple days, so we tried to make the mist of it. tacos were eaten, our baby was cuddled, the flight museum was explored (while i was passed out at home), a good time was had by all.
three generations of haynes men, just standing in a river. we're really sad that our family-filled weekend flew by so darn fast and are already brainstorming a reason to get people we love out here again.


  1. Love this outfit!! I can not wear jeans in Arizona. It is terrible.


  2. I LOVE THIS! Your outfit is so cute! You are so tinyyy! I like the feet picture btw. That looks like it felt so good. I am dying in my house. It's way too hot. I'm so done with summer. haha

  3. hello! lovely photos, only bad feet pictures gros me out, yours are not however :)

  4. Time with family is so fun! And that river looks like a perfect way to cool down :)

    Life etc

  5. I really love this outfit.Isn't cave falls so cool? And the drive there is unreal. Did you guys walk up to the bigger falls? When we went we drove up to ^this one and were like "hm, this is kind of small" but if you walk up that trail there is a bigger one (like half the size of mesa falls, but still cool!) there is a trail that goes right underneath the falls but they closed it down, boo.

    ...and yes, I am texting you and leaving blog comments at the same time. What of it?


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