well your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea

flats: missoni for target/gift from shpitty; jeans: wet seal; tee: gift from my dad!

i never know if tee shirt outfits are blog worthy or not...but everything i wear is pretty casual compared to most outfit-of-the-day blogs i read, so whateva. here it is.

1. david went sprinting out of the apartment to get me a jamba before they closed, the good man. he puts up with my mercurial self with patience and humor. I T0TeS LuRV3 H!M!!! SquEEeeE!

2. i'm obsessed with this website and figuring out if i'm sleeping/waking at optimal times...not that i have any control over when i wake up! mah boobiez are on call 24/7.

3. my son! what can i say? he loves the harley. he is one of us. this video makes my heart swell.

p.s. of course we buckled him in properly before we put him in the car and he was closely supervised by us at all times while kicking it in his car seat like this. just for the record :)

4. JAMBA JUICE! i love smoothies enough to not mind how squeaky-happy the employees are. in fact, i join them in high-pitched happiness when i'm chugging an orange carrot karma.

5. i talked to the CUTEST old man (i'm talking a newsies cap and red suspenders cute) in the grocery store parking lot for a good 15 minutes about my car, his wife, byu - idaho, life...it kind of made my day.

6. i pinned this business and then made it happen in my crib:
and by crib i mean apartment, not my baby's crib...my baby doesn't even have a crib...

7. my momma sent me that rake head along with these moccasins that don't fit her...best package ever! i'm sorry your awesome shoes don't fit, mom. i promise i will love them as though they were my own.


  1. #1 made me LOL like a lot. also i want those moccs. but i'm sure they're a perfectly vintage find that i can't run out to old navy to copy, yes?

  2. HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was the cutest vid ever.. i smiled thru the whole thing

  3. Brandy. You're a fine girl.

  4. Oh, your baby is SO CUTE. And I love the outfit!

  5. Adorable baby!

    And I LOVE those repurposed rakes as jewelry holders.

  6. first your outfit is soo stunning! totally love it!
    the video of your little man and his reaction on the harley... CUTEE!
    hope you're having a great day, girl!

  7. he is so cute. and you look so great!!!


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