bless you

boots: madewell; pants: panache; tee: target; necklace: truly sarah; cardi: shade via panache 2008

we had hazy skies one night last week and i loved it!
i love any gloomy weather. in this case, though, it brought on some nasty allergens. david and i were sniffling and sneezing all weekend. on my drive to rexburg one afternoon, i sneezed right as a motorcyclist was pulling up next to me on the highway. i looked over at him and he mouthed, "bless you!" i tell you, people can be so nice. especially motorcycle people during allergy season.

also, during a 3am joony feeding, i vaguely remember david telling me that we should change our pillowcases often because of how many allergens we pick up in our hair.


  1. haha I was actually thinking the same thing about our pillowcases.

  2. Oh my gosh Brandilyn that first picture is awesome!

    1. aah thank you, Elle! those hazy skies sure made for some fun photos. it's much easier for novices like us when we're not trying to work with the pesky sun :)

  3. I sneezed twice while reading this. Hahaha! How nice that a motorcyclist said bless you! :)

  4. hahahaha this one made me laugh...motorcycle guy and David's suggestion in the middle of the night!


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