complete honesty here

boots: madewell; everything else: panache

if i'm being honest here...
joony hasn't been sleeping well and it's making me a little loopy. and by "a little" i mean "so very."

i feel a little lonely in this new town of mine. i haven't made friends yet and the 15/20-minutes to rexburg feels much farther away than i thought it would.

i've been drinking all of my calories lately. ok, and i don't count calories, but if i did, they would all be in soda and juice and smoothies.

i would breastfeed joony until he's five if he wanted to, i love it so much. i hate that i feel embarrassed to say that when people ask me how long i plan to nurse for.

sometimes, when i sing along to songs in the car, i pretend i'm singing live at some cool coffee shop. i'm completely tone-deaf, so this would never happen except in my imagination. i like to think my audience of 1 (joony) enjoys my warblings, though!

i made one of those 15-minutes-of-cleaning-every-day-of-the-week schedules i always see floating around pinterest and i haven't done one day of cleaning this week. maybe next week?

a taylor swift song made me ugly-cry in the car the other day.

i want my own harley. i think they're so cool and i would love to cruise around side-by-side with david.

inspired by courtney's 'it's ok' posts, which i always love for their honesty.


  1. I LOVE your outfit. LOVE it.

    and everybody sings crazy songs in the car. and as long as the taylor swift song wasn't the "never ever ever" song. i think you're good.

    1. haha! nope, carrie called it. that never grow up song had me bawling.

  2. I really love this outfit, and you make want those boots more and more every time you wear them. Thanks for the shout out I was totally surprised but glad to have inspired someone.

  3. Was it "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift? Please tell me I am not the only one who cries when she's rocking her baby and listening to "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift.

  4. Cute outfit you are wearing, I'm definitely going to have to stop in the shop sometime and do a little shopping :)


  5. aww this is for real the cutest outfit ever you look AMAZING and beautiful!! like a model! and yes... when i babysat kate i used to rock her to sleep to that exact taylor swift song and i cried like a baby!! and shes not even mine!!

  6. Its really good to hear you enjoy breastfeeding! I hear bad things about it! I sure hope it's not too painful for me.

    And, your hair looks amazing

  7. I breastfed Jack until he was 1 and then thought, "okay, I'm done. I'm tired of feeling like a cow and having someone be SO dependent on me".
    Now, I wish I would have just kept on nursing until he decided he wanted to stop. Next baby, I'm going to nurse for as long as possible.

    So I think it's actually really smart of you to nurse the Jr. as long as your bewbies please.

    Jessica recently posted, My Very Stupid Thing.

  8. Our babies were born a few weeks apart (may1st over here!) he hasn't been sleeping great either! And I told my husband a little but ago I would easily nurse Grant til he was 2 and he said it was creepy ha but it's just so great. And if it was the never grow up song I seriously cried when I listened to it last week for a friend's wedding video.

  9. Oh my gosh! That dang Taylor Swift song! It made me cry too. I kept trying to tell myself that she had no idea what it's like to be a mom, so it's stupid, but the song really is so sweet. I can never talk myself out of crying. It's so dumb. And I think being a mom makes me 50x more emotional.

  10. I totally hear you on the being lonely part. Your social life is just a completely different ball game when you move and are busy with a baby.

  11. I hope you meet some new people soon! It's hard to move away.

  12. So sorry he is not sleeping well! Have you started rice cereal yet? Tanner was such a hungry little guy that I had to start giving him cereal around 3-4 months. He loved it!!! He just ate and ate. It helped him sleep longer at night time too. Good luck! Your guy is super cute.


  13. You look gorgeous here! And your outfit is perfect for fall!


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