ees goot.

sneakers: kmart; jeans: ae/thrifted; belt/tee: panache; scarf: gift

i am a robot, merp. merp. ba-boo-bing.
good things lately:
-dairy queen's orange julius...es....orange julises? orange juli? whatever, so good.
-selling crap on ebay..so much crap, yo.
-david and joony snoring at the same time in bed. i didn't even mind being awake at 2am.
-making this to hang in our hallway and crying over that bitty hat, which would never in a million years fit over joonbug's massive skull these days:
(p.s. whoever took our newborn baby's footprint got their own hugie fingerprint in there, too. c'mon, nurse lady! redo that business!)
-flannel sheets for the cooler months. ours are half plaid, half moose-patterned, all awesome.
-getting the garage locks redone so we can now actually use the space! hurrah!
-our new apartment. have i already gushed about it enough? well, sorry. i'm excited to live hurr.


  1. I'm so glad you clarified that that is the nurse's fingerprint. I was sitting here kind of shocked for a minute.

    1. ha! i did the same thing when i looked at it initially..i looked from the print to joony's foot, then was like, "oh. ok. well, good."

  2. Hip Hurray for new apartments!

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  3. Hahaha! The fingerprint on the footprint makes me laugh. Dumb nurse! My mom is pretty sure my sister's nurse pinched her before they took her picture, because she is absolutely purple in the face and screaming bloody murder.


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