everybody's goin' off the deep end

flats: target; skirt/belt/bracelet: panache; top: f21 2006; cardi: ? found in my storage unit

oh i love the weekends!
i mean, who doesn't? really.

friday night david and i went on our favorite kind of date: chick fil a drive-thru enjoyed in the car, then a shared sonic strawberry limeade on the way home. we don't mind embracing our trashy side from time to time.

we went out to dinner on saturday night and i brought home a slice of cake that was literally the size of my head, it was so big. i don't have a particularly big head (like ali), but even a slice of cake the size of an average human head is remarkable, right? i ate it while i worked on a craft project for our new bedroom and joony snored away in the next room. saturday night bliss.

and sunday? sunday was for games with friends, naps, and the happiest little joonbug you ever did see.

our week felt full with errands, store things, a short business trip for david, and selling a buncha crap on ebay. it felt good to do a little partying at the week's end.


  1. sounds like a really great weekend-date.
    i am sooo in love with this skirt! <3

  2. LOVE your skirt. Gah I'm having serious skirt envy right now.

  3. We had Chick-fil-a this weekend too sooo delicious!

  4. I want to see photos of your digs. Adorable outfit, what a cute mama.

    1. once we're totally moved in i'll post some! i'm not decorating star, so it's not that exciting...but i am excited to show you our sweet new pad :)


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