mocs: minnetonka/mommed; jeans: ae/thrifted; flannel: target

-i, judging from these pictures, had an aversion to smiling with my teeth.

-we posted a bumload of crap on craigslist, which is when i discovered i'm terrible at writing item descriptions. "this is a toaster. you could use it to make toast...a bagel...toaster strudel..."

-i made pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes and was sorry i didn't have instagram to take a picture a post like all the cool kids do. just imagine: delicious green pasta. delicious big salad. delicious diet coke.

-i mailed a package to my big sister, which is the second time this week i've mailed a package of goodies to a sibling, making me the best sister ever. i'm making myself a sash and printing out a certificate for my fridge and everything. now everyone wishes i was their sister! (except david; let the record show that david in no way wishes i was his sister) (("why is rod kissing his sister?" "oh, denise isn't his sister." "she's not?" "no." "man. that shatters my entire universe."))

-joony just wanted to be a party animal all night long. at one point i thought he was soundly asleep in our bed...when he came riding triumphantly into the living room on david's shoulders, a grin on his face and drool in his daddy's hair.

-kate posted so much cute stuff on the store blog. if you're in rexburg, we're having a sidewalk sale this weekend and you should come party!

-i rented the hunger games and watched it in 15-30 minute increments while nursing joony all day.

-i could not for the life of me find a flash drive, which made me sad because before i graduated i usually had 4-5 of those things floating around my apartment and backpack. and that made me miss being in school.

'twas a good day!


  1. You are freaking gorgeous! Can you come visit me soon, please?

  2. Oooh, I've been on the hunt for the perfect flannel (things just fit me weird because I have long hips) for some fall/anniversary pictures.. and that's (the shirt, not the picture taking although..anyway, sorry about the ambiguous pronoun) super cute...I didn't think to check Target.

  3. Can't wait for it to be cold enough here for me to wear flannel!! Your bit about the toaster made me laugh - I'm the same way :) xoxo!

  4. Love the Hot Rod quote. Literally made me laugh out loud! And your outfit just screams fall and makes me want cooler weather like, right now. Unfortunately, it seems our neck of the woods thinks staying up in the high 80's for the next 10 days is in order. Not so cool.

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