goblins in the workplace

mocs: target; jeans: ae/thrifted; tee: billabong via pacsun; vest: panache
contrary to the lies this picture speaks, i am not pregnant again...could you imagine?! i just ate one too many chicken nuggets for lunch and forgot to suck it in for outfit pictures. you may find this hard to believe, but having a baby will leave your tummy a liiiiittle bit saggier than before. i know, i was shocked, too.
who can be too upset about tum chub, though, when you've got this little goblin hanging around?!
joony and i stopped by the store on saturday. david was updating our books and kate was running a sweet sidewalk sale, so we decided to go say hello! the store was my heart and soul for 3.5 years before joony was born and it's very strange to have someone else taking charge on the day-to-day business end of things. it's been so much fun to see what kate's done with the place. it looks amazing, the new inventory feels fresh and exciting, and i think our customers can tell that there's been new life injected into the place. have i mentioned how much fun it is to collaborate on these projects with one of my best friends? it's been way too much fun. fareals.


  1. I was actually thinking the opposite about your tummy. I was impressed you how fast lost it! You look great!! The clothes in the shop are really cool!!

  2. i totally agree with courtney! it is soo impressive how fast you lost so much! my momma still looks always a little bit pregnant and her last pregnancy is almost 6 years ago... but i think that she is really thin for 4 children... anyway
    have a nice day and kiss davids cheeks from me! <3

  3. Oh MAN I wish I had seen that vest when you had it in the store... at least I'm assuming it's not new because I saw most of what Kate was unpacking. Speaking of which if there's a certain jacket in my size...

  4. He is SO CUTE! Look at that smile!!

  5. WHAT?!?! why has he never warn that outfit around me its SOOSOSO cute!!! i went to the store saturday cuz i saw your car and i was so excited to see joon but then u guys werent there :(

  6. Man if that is your just-had-a-baby-and-ate-too-many-nuggets tum, then what's my excuse? hehe :P The store's looking great lady! Must be exciting for you :)

    Life etc

  7. Every time you wear this vest, I WANT it. If you ever get more in the store, I am THERE. You look fantastic!

  8. hahahahaha this is so cute! And I totally agree...cute babies make little tummies okay. The store looks so good! That dress in that last picture is awesome. I wish I would have come in there more that semester we had class together, but I think I was at home puking and being pregnant.

  9. hahaha! true about the left over baby fat on moms. i think about working mine off but decide to get pregnant again instead! x



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