moving home

we just got internet hooked up in our new place last night, which i'll say is my reason for not posting...but i didn't wear a single noteworthy thing this week, internet or not. right now the only thing on my mind is this:

on monday i walked out of my one-bedroom main street apartment without a single look back, without even taking a picture of that empty space. it was a strange combination of flooding relief and consuming, nostalgic heartbreak to leave.

i spent countless late nights and early mornings in that living room, literally tearing my hair out over papers during my final semesters at byui. those hardwood floors creaked under my feet as i paced them, pregnant and uncomfortable and excited. i spent my first few weeks as a momma nursing my baby, exhausted, in that tiny bedroom, crying about how lucky i am. david and i spent almost every night standing in that kitchen with the geometric linoleum, talking about our days and snacking and flirting. and of course, it's directly above our little clothing shop. i'd leave the store unattended for 45 seconds to sprint up that red staircase, grab a quick snack and kiss, and sprint back down. every night before bed david would run down and turn off the store's display lights (sometimes in his robe if he forgot!).

$400 a month for almost 4 years saved us a fortune in rent. it also made us so many memories that i haven't allowed myself to think about leaving that apartment this week because i know i'll just get too darned sad. we're getting older, moving on, changing. it's all so wonderful and exciting, but i loved that last portion of our lives so much.

we've upgraded from one bedroom to three (an office for david! and room for joony!). from a queen-sized bed to a king (who knew a 5 month old could take up so much bed space?!). from a coin-op to hook-ups (we still haven't bought a washer and dryer). from every dish washed by hand to a dishwasher (which we still haven't ran; i think we keep forgetting it's there). from 100 years old to 1 year old. from a small town to a teeny-tiny town. it's all so strange. i don't feel like we live here yet.

anyways, to make a short story long...this week was moving week and there were bigger things happening than outfit pictures over here. hopefully i'll be back in the swing of things (read: less wordy/sentimental) come monday!


  1. exciting! i remember moving out of our 1 bedroom into a home and it was SUCH a great thing - you're gunna be sooo happy :D

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. $400 a month?? Now I'M crying.

    But seriously, congrats on the move! That was the apartment where Joons was born...but this is the place where Joons is going to grow up, and that's a really beautiful thing. Just think: Joons is going to take his first steps in this apartment, and say his first words, and all these other amazing milestones. And it's always a thrill for me to move somewhere new and know that I get to start from scratch, creating the home of my dreams. Good luck with the move-in process!

  3. Wow sounds like quite the upgrade! Hope the bigger and better place makes up for leaving all those memories behind! At least now you get to make new ones :)

    Life etc

  4. you have great style! just discovered you blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! : )


  5. Good to know that your move was a success, and you did this by slowly putting things in place day by day. Do share some photos of your new place soon.


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