my latest creation

do you remember that part in baby mama where carl says, "i mean, when i saw the ipod for the first time, i was like...i mean, i could've kicked myself!" that totally happened to me the other day. i had a genius idea while i was pulling (yet another) onesie off joony and tossing it into the "outgrown" pile. a onesie extender! just a rectangle of fabric with the onesie snaps on each end that would make it possible to get more use out of onesies for tall babies! I'LL BE RICH! i can finally join every other cool blogger with an etsy shop!!

in my mind, though, i invented the onesie extender.
always and forever. (kip voice, anyone? oh i'm just full of my favorite movie quotes lately)

p.s. today is one of the biggest, most important days of the year...it's my momma's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OFUM! my mom is hands down the craziest person i've ever met...everyone who knows her agrees she is unlike anyone else in the whole world. i adore her young spirit, her hippie ways, and her enjoyment of fart jokes. i love you, momma, and i wish joony and i were home to celebrate with you today!


  1. Genius, Brandilyn! Don't worry, in my mind you invented it too.

  2. Found your blog on Clothed Much!

    Very cute outfit.


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