sucking/not sucking

boots: madewell; skirt: f21; sweater: target; scarf/bracelet: panache

i straight copied this outfit from my homegirl megan. she wore this almost exact thing and looked so dang good i had to try it myself. i'd say i look 52% as good in this outfit as she did.

things that suck:
-i pulled out in front of a slugbug the other day, realized my mistake, stopped, waved, and mouthed, "I'M SORRY!! MY BAD!" in response, homegirl shook her finger disapprovingly at me. ok, really? i think i would have preferred a middle finger.
-grumpy joonis during a lunch date...flinging over a glass of water, shrieking, chewing on the menu. he was not having it, that wild man of mine.
-david being gone on a business trip, leaving me to jump at every. single. noise. our new apartment makes.

things that don't suck:
-david coming home from a business trip today!
-i just bought a baby monitor and it's a life changer. wow. i can hear him stirring before he wakes up and hurry in to help him settle back into sleep! two hour nap yesterday = danngboy.
-honey nut chex + almond milk, yesss
-dorm life on hulu, which is hilarious.


  1. Love the outfit super cute! Yesterday must have been the day for striped skirts I wore one too.

  2. hahahaha I love this. I hate it when people scold me too. I would rather just have them swear or scream or do something crazy so then I can leave thinking that they're the psycho one.

  3. love this! the color of that scarf is amazing!

  4. I'm obsessed with your scarf!! So cute :) xo! e


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