three three three

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this is our new front door! being on the bottom level is a new thing for us. we've always been the ones stomping around above someone else. it makes bringing groceries in a heckuva lot easier.

three things about yesterday:
(which is actually today when i'm typing this, yo ho, yo ho, a blogger's life for me)
1. my baby sat in a big boy chair at five guy's:
i mean, he is just so obviously the cutest thing that's ever lived! i want to smooch those little cheeks over and over and over again! (i actually do that daily. multiple times a day, really.)

2. i perfected the art of the chocolate chip cookie, thanks in large part to a kitchen with an oven less than 50 years old and actual counter space. and then i ate like 5 cookies. just kidding, that's be disgusting. (but really i did)

3. nothing in my entire closet looked good on me. then, i finally settled on an outfit that was acceptable. joony pooped all over that outfit.


  1. 4 things about yesterday:

    4. the most epic "people of walmart" photo ever taken. ever.

  2. He IS the cutest thing ever!! I can't believe how much he's growing :) and congrats on the house!!!!!! so exciting :)

  3. The poop/outfit thing happened to me on Sunday! I gave up and changed in to pjs after :)

    Lazy Saturdays

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on your new place. First floor is so much easier. I had to carry my brother's groceries up to the third floor at the Ridge this weekend and I wanted to die. I carried up one load and then I just gave up and started putting his initials on everything. You look super cute in this outfit btw...and cute baby boy!!! :)

  5. Cute outfit and WHY CAN'T YOUR TOMS BE A SIZE 7?!

  6. Congratulations on the new place!! You'll have to send me your new address :) xox!


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