wide open spaces

boots: c/o wanted; jeans/top: thrift store; cardi: nordstrom 2007

david got home from a business trip in southern california yesterday! he hung out with joony so i could take an hour-long nap (i fell deeply asleep the minute my head hit the pillow). we grilled steaks - monstrous steaks - and ate them outside since we have a little backyard now! the weather was great, the conversation was sparkling, the food was delicious, and i'm happy i have a blog so that someday i can remember the sweetest little evening ever spent.

p.s. i'm over on the minnetonka blog today! exciting!


  1. It's always nice when husbands come back from a long trip! I'm a little jealous of your backyard.

  2. Oh this looks magical. We're coming over Sunday. It's decided. :)

  3. STEAK. Clearly I'm hungry. Love your backyard, too!


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