a tuscan birdhouse

boots: madewell; pants: panache; top: panache clothing swap
a conversation with david yesterday evening:

me: "hey, honey. could you make me a custom birdhouse?"
him: "a what?"
me: "a custom birdhouse."
him: "i don't even know what that would look like."
me: "well, the front would look just like a regular birdhouse, you know, wood with a triangle roof and a hole for the birds. but the back would be plexiglass, then we could hang it in front of our window and see what the birds are doing in there! i saw it on pinterest, it was cool."
him: "that does not sound tuscan at all. that sounds like a peeping tom birdhouse."
me: "not TUSCAN...CUSTOM!"
him: "oh! yeah, i could do that."

and they say that 90% of couples struggle with communication. ha! not us! and i'll for sure let you know how my custom tuscan birdhouse turns out.


  1. Haaaaaaahahahahahhahahahahahhaaha! Peeping Tom birdhouse. LOLOLLLL

  2. HAHAHAHA this is just too funny!!!! Love the boots!


  3. Maybe you could paint it some Tuscan-like colors and then it would be a Tuscan custom bird house.

    Jessica recently posted, Inanimate Objects Sometimes Attack Me.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! ijust loled forever. love those boots

  5. also u look like a straight up model in the first one just sayin

  6. Haha! My husband and I "miscommunicate" all the time. At least it brings lots of laughs :)

  7. Newest follower here! Cute outfit, I just did an outfit post myself!

  8. Lol, peeping tom birdhouse! I giggled for at least a minute.

  9. My husband and I do not communicate very well lately, so this is too funny! Also, you look great!

  10. Hahaha I don't know whether the best bit about that was the 'Tuscan birdhouse' or the 'peeping tom birdhouse'! I'd love to see the results either way :)

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