all you ever wanted was right there in front of you

boots: madewell; skirt: old navy; tee: panache; cardi: thrifted; socks: f21
i got a new striped skirt!
i honestly considered wearing it with a chambray shirt, knotted leather belt, boots, fake glasses, and massive topknot/bun...and being a fashion blogger for halloween. but then i decided to not be such a snarky lady, and instead wore it for a sushi/show night out with kate (which is when i lost my cell phone, D7^NgY$*@#&J!# ARGH). aren't girl friends the best? there is something about drinking diet coke and spilling your guts to one of your closest friends that just refreshes the soul.

not pictured in this outfit: my new slip by kingdom & state! before they sent me a new one, i'd been wearing this dingy-grey, too-short one i've had since (no exaggeration) 2002. so yeah, it was time for a replacement. i had the pleasure of meeting with the owner of the company yesterday and it was wonderful to chat with someone so passionate about what they do and so excited about their product. this company is the next big thing, everyone! and their prices are super reasonable. check them out, yeah?


  1. you are gorgeous, dahling!

  2. Just went to that website. I LOVE their slips! Those are exactly what I need. I like the fashion blogger Halloween idea. hahahaha. Hilarious. and perfect.

  3. It is official. I am being a fashion blogger for Halloween.


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