boots: madewell; dress: panache clothing swap ($1!); belt: panache

i just had to get that handsome joony in a picture. he looked so dapper all dressed up for church!

-it rained and rained and rained, oh happy day! those grey skies made my heart sing a boogy tune.
-david wore his new shirt i got him for his birthday and looked G O O D.

-i went to cute lauren's baby shower with kate and saw courtney there! i also got to hang out with katherine while she styled a mannequin for panache...ok really, it was just a day filled with my favorite bloggers. and this was a bullet point filled with name dropping.

-joony spit up on me like 4 times and it got me quite flustered.

-i watched some of the debate with david, and then avoided facebook/twitter because everyone was annoying me yammering on about it trying to sound like smartypants.

-we had joony's 6 month check up! homeboy is BIG. but i already knew that. and he's fit as a fiddle!

-talked to kate for like 4 hours...but that's pretty standard in any given day.

p.s. you might have noticed i redid the ole blog. i LOVED my old design, but sometimes change just feels good. i've also decided to open up a couple spots for advertising. feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like more information! my blog is still little-bitty, so rates are low and you can start any day of the month. hello.brandilyn(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. holler atcha girl.

    (still sad that dress didn't fit my man shoulders)

  2. I love this dress! You make it look so good! It's perfect for fall


  3. Cute dress! Red is my favorite.

  4. Yay for sneaking little man in, you should more often, hes too cute!!!

  5. i'm so glad you girls could come! and i wish i'd taken more dang pictures!!


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