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boots: c/o wanted; corduroys: jbrand; tee: target men's/altered
a day of housework and errands sometimes just calls for a NASA tee shirt. and turquoise corduroys. i kept admiring this men's tee shirt at target but not buying it because i didn't think david would like it. finally i decided to just buy the thing and take the sleeves in for myself. i'm glad i did...it's a new, comfortable favorite! and i can show my support for space: the infinite frontier! that actually just makes me think of will ferrell as harry caray. "just say yes and we'll move on!"

watching: the mindy project. i loved her book and have been excited about this show ever since i first heard about it...it hasn't disappointed me! do you watch? you like?

listening tosome nights (that video gives me the chills). i can't figure out itunes on a new computer so i've just been listening to the top 40 station here...and maybe i'm in love with one direction. maybe.

thinking about: getting a gym membership and getting my bum into shape. working out is one of those things that i always wish i did more of, but never actually do. and i'm tired of wishing, aight?

trying to figure out: baby sleep. but who isn't? i'm trying to gently change joony's sleep associations, but usually i'm so tired i end up just nursing him back to sleep so i can conk back out as quickly as possible too.

looking forward to: my sister's baby shower next month, seeing family, being home, snuggling a brand-new baby niece at christmas, seeing my sister become a mama, taking one of my mom's yoga classes...all of it.

reading: holidays on ice. 'tis the season!

making me happy: little joony's snores on the baby monitor, david's blog posts, cold toes in the mornings, and a warm cup of pero.

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  1. I think you are beautiful. And a beautiful person. I miss going to Panache to shop despite knowing I was broke and really just going to talk to you because I wished we were better friends. Also, your hair is amazing. And you're the best.

  2. One Direction is a dream come true after NSync disappeared. Boy bands forevs.

  3. I love these "currently" posts! They're so much fun to read. :)

    And I also love how you outfitted a tee. I always have trouble dressing up tees and making them look like I put some effort into dressing myself that morning. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. i really need to start watching the mindy project! that girl is halarious and adorable.
    i love the scenery in this picture...very cool.


  5. Love The Mindy Project! That's my go to show while Grant is napping. And your bedtime woes sound like ours... it's hard to be diligent when we all just need a little sleep and you know they'll fall asleep in 2 seconds if you nurse em down! It's a dilemma sometimes... PS I just ordered the no cry sleep solution like you suggested, it's not quite here yet but I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    1. ooh, PLEASE let me know what you think of it! i loved her suggestions. we started a bedtime routine with joony and it helped immediately--like on day one we noticed a difference!

  6. This shirt is the best. The BEST.

    And p.s. I got June's shoes online. They are on both amazon and zappos. They are minnetonka brand. ;)

  7. I forgot that I have Holidays on Ice too...somewhere. I should dig that bad boy out. Nothing like a little Sedaris to ring in the holidays. Ha.

  8. Just picked this shirt out for my man recently! Should have thought to get one for myself!


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