karma is karma, baby

boots: madewell; jeans/sweater: target; necklace: panache; diaper bag: petunia picklebottom
karma did not operate in my favor on the day i wore this outfit.
i stopped for a smoothie (appropriately, an orange carrot karma flavor) on my way to the store to take care of some business. i grabbed one for megan, who was working at the time, because i'm super nice like that. good karma point 1.

then, i pulled into the parking lot behind the store and noticed one of the businesses who share our dumpster had dumped their garbage on the ground instead of into the dumpster. "hmm," i thought. "that's rude." so i picked up all the trash, which was gross and took a while, but  thought, "you know, i could use some good karma." and i picked up gross trash up off the gross ground, but felt good about it. good karma point 2.

and then, i went to get joony out of the car (where he'd been patiently waiting for me) and i set one of the smoothies on the roof  while i juggled all my stuff and my baby. right as i went to nudge the door shut with my hip....you see where this is going, right? yeah. my smoothie toppled off the roof of my car, onto me, and somehow splashed inside the car before the door even shut. how does that happen? well, it happened. you'd think karma would have been there for me, but it turns out she is a cruel mother.

so yo can't see it in these pictures, but there's some dried orange carrot karma smoothie on my sleeve. and my boot.

side note on the title of this post: i drove a slugbug in high school with a huge peace sign sticker in the back window and a bumper sticker that said karma is karma, baby. and i was soooo cool.


  1. Ha, cooler than me. I drove an ancient Astro van that had no AC and when turned on, would emit enough white exhaust smoke to completely hide the van. Now THAT'S boss.

    Jessica recently posted, This is a story of my bangs

  2. Bummer! I hate it when I spill smoothies -- especially before I have time to eat them! And I'm lovin' your new blog design (but I liked the old one, too). :)


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