pumpkin chocolate chip bread: turning heads when it walks through the door

boots: kohls; pants/scarf: panache; chambray: target; earrings: ? claire's 2005?
this time last year, i was pregnant. with joony. i didn't really have any crazy cravings, but as soon as fall came around (*insert rambling about sweaters and boots and leaves*) all i wanted was great harvest's pumpkin chocolate chip bread. it is so good. every single day i would walk down to great harvest to try to buy a loaf, and every single day they were sold out. i mean, duh, it was autumn and it's a pumpkin-flavored loaf of bread, so of course it sold quickly. i just really wanted it, okay? i was even willing to pay the stupidly high price of $7 for one loaf.
all of that to say...the other day i went in to get a turkey pesto sandwich (so delicious, by the way), and sitting there on the shelf were like fifteen loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread. i COULD NOT walk out without one. it hasn't disappointed, either. i have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. i wish i'd bought 2 more loaves! maybe not. well, okay, yeah. i do wish i had. that bread lights up my world like nobody else. the way it flips its hair gets me overwhelmed...when it smiles at the ground...sorry, i'm done.


  1. ha! that last little part made me laugh out loud! and the entire post made me hungry for some pumpkin chocolate bread.. :) x

  2. I have never tried it, but is sounds so good...especially since it started snowing today for a bit! :)


  3. One of my most favorite things about your blog is how your movie quotes/song lyrics just keep going :) Also, I have pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the oven as I type this (one box of spice cake mix, one can of pumpkin, one cup of chocolate chips 350 for 10-15min if you were curious)

  4. oh i just love love your style!!! You are darling! That pumpkin chocolate bread looks amazing!!!! Now following and cannot wait to read more!



  5. That bread is THE BEST! So so good! If you ever find a recipe that tastes like it, you have to post it!!

  6. When I lived there I worked down the street - EVERY break my friends & I would go grab a free slice. And the pumpkin-choco chip was my ultimate fave. LOVE that stuff!

  7. Now I want to eat that bread! And I love your outfit.

  8. I am with you in loving Great Harvest bread especially the pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Too bad, I don't live near one anymore.


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