six new things

boots: madewell; jeans: ae/thrift store; tank/tee/scarf: panache

six new things about me since joony came along:
1. i went to target the other day and didn't once go into the women's clothing department, but spent like 20 minutes in the baby department...who am i?!

2. i have learned how to drive my car (a manual transmission) with one hand twisted unnaturally behind me to hold joony's binkie in.

3. sometimes often i cry at the oddest times. there i'll be, a sleepy mom in her underwear at 9:00 in the evening, holding her baby and crying for no good reason other than sometimes taking care of this little human really is the most overwhelmingly wonderful thing in the world.

4. scarves like this one get tangled in tiny, chubby fingers and crusty with spit up (gross, i know, but i'm just telling it like it is)

5. joony was napping a few days ago, and i decided it would be in my best interest to join him (i'd been up a lot the night prior). once i snuggled in next to him, though, i ended up spending half of the planned sleeping time just watching him. sometimes being a mom makes you feel like a creep. but really, a sleeping baby is just that cute.

6.  jeans and tennis shoes are acceptable "errand day" attire...it only happens rarely, but it does happen.


  1. such a cute outfit! You are such a stylish mom!

  2. you're good mom! believe me! joony must be really happy with you as his momma!

  3. hahahahah i feel like a creep staring at G sleep too. and hey, jeans and tennies > yoga pants and tennies, which is what i wear to run errands.

  4. Super cute outfit! I wish I would have known about your store while I was at BYU-I. It looks awesome!

  5. you're such a good mommy :)

  6. cute outfit-- love the chevron top and the scarf :)
    Oh, My

  7. I love this outfit! I need that chevron shirt. :)


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