sum and substance

boots: c/o wanted shoes; pants/scarf: panache; top: tj maxx
-that last picture? i was pointing at a dog pooping. and laughing...because sometimes i am twelve years old.

-the other night joony slept from 9pm-4am, the longest he's ever slept in his 6 alive months. i woke up before he did in a panic, sweating and gasping for air and confused. it was the weirdest thing ever.

-my wedding ring has become too big for my finger...? i think it's a combination of the cool weather and some post-baby weight loss. weird.

-it's getting colder:
joony isn't impressed, but i am.

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  1. ooo I love your scarf! really pretty colours,and perfect shape!

  2. Ok, first of all I love your blog. Second, I love your outfit. Third, I love your blog name! Glad I found you - now following!

    The Broadcloth

    1. aah so nice of you, kaeli! thank you so much!


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