swapping all the things

skirt/top: panache clothing swap; belt: shade; heels: target
the lighting in these pictures is all funny and my belt is gollywompus because i'd been walking joony (who recently learned how to shriek--not out of anger but in sheer, overwhelming joy at all that life has to offer him) up and down the halls at church for three hours. well, technically it was an hour and a half because david and i trade off. whatever, you get it. my belt is off-center and untucked and i didn't notice.

we had a clothing swap at panache on saturday night! kate and liz organized it and it was a smashing time. i hauled in a garbage bag of clothes and got to pick through everyone else's stuff. i got this top for $1 and my skirt for $4. $5 outfit for the win!

and hey...it's october! leaves and hot cocoa and sweaters and boots and crackling fireplaces! #bloggerstereotypes #hashtagoutsideoftwitter


  1. A clothing swap is such a fun idea!!


  2. fun! I think you look cute. Congratz on 600 followers :-)

  3. I basically just like the fact I've found someone who loves memes as much as me.....

  4. I wish I would have been in Rexburg for the swap! How fun. And I love the hash tags. :)


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