terribly moments

boots: mommed; skirt: panache; blouse: f21; cardigan: nordstrom
this is one of those outfits that i saw a picture of and thought, "oh. my. gosh. never wearing that again." it was one of those mornings where every single thing i owned looked horrid on me. does anyone else have those, or...just me? ok.

terribly uncomfortable moment: i was at the mall with kate earlier this week, and while i was being rung up i saw a figure behind me out of the corner of my eye. assuming it was kate, i spun around to jokingly snap, "don't look at my pin!" i said loudly, "don't look--" and realized it was not, in fact, my friend...but a man i did not know. i immediately turned back to the cashier, flushed bright right, and stammered, "sometimes...i do stupid things..." and then grabbed my receipt and jogged out of the gap.

terribly awesome moment: david played with and bathed joony while i napped the other night, and when i woke up i got to laugh and giggle with that tired-hyper boy and then nurse him to sleep. that's what i call a sweet evening. sometimes i feel so full of gratitude i think my heart might jump right out of my chest.

UPDATE: the two winners of the seeker of happiness giveaway are: 
1. Erin from sweetandsavoring, who said: "i pinned the shopping while hungry tote to my meal planning board. because how often does that blow your budget? ha. pinterest.com/pin/29343835043534020/"
2. Amanda from The Kelley Family, who said "If i won, id pick the namaste bag for yoga stuff. Or the seeker of happiness!"

congratulations, ladies!  shoot me an email at hello.brandilyn@gmail.com so i can connect you with carrie and get you your awesome totes! 

if you're interested in sponsoring a giveaway or having an ad up on cats & cardigans, email me! 
i'd love to chat :)


  1. terribly uncomfortable moment: hahahahahahahhhahaah omg dying. one time at sea world while gazing at a fish tank, i thought my mom was behind me and i leaned back to rest against her chest. only it wasn't my mom. it was a big, squishy woman who thought i was fainting and she screamed. sooooo embarr.

  2. hehe that's so funny about you thinking that person was your friend. I really like your green cardigan you are wearing, it is a great color on you!



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