weekend countdown

boots: c/o wanted; jeans: ae/thrifted; tee: walgreens; cardi: f21; scarf: panache

10:00 when joony woke up shrieking last night...and this lucky momma got to rock that snuggly guy back to sleep (which only lasted about 20 minutes, but i'll take what i can get).
9 days until david's birthday...and i can't wait. david loves his birthday, which makes it so fun to celebrate.
8 times a day i check the kitten cam. usually they're sleeping...but when you catch them playing, boy, it's a real treat! and the cat-pitol building? too much.
7 = number of times i've worn my huge fleecie sweatshirt in the last week. it's getting chilly!
6 dollars spent at starbucks. a soy hot chocolate and croissant is as exciting as it gets for an LDS/nursing mom...although guyz, if i don't have instagram to prove it, did i even go??!!
5:00, my favorite time of day. it's when david's done working and dinner time begins.
4 sessions of general conference this weekend that i cannot wait to watch!
3 quarts of apple juice consumed in the last 3 days (i know).
2 davids in my house, and i'm not sure which one has stolen the larger portion of my heart.
1 time i stare longingly at the block of jalapeno havarti cheese every time i walk into the grocery store. that freakin cheese is the only dairy product i miss.


  1. I am absolutely loving that scarf! Panache will be hearing from me soon! haha


  2. I LOVE this countdown idea! love it. and you're cute as always.

  3. I love the orange cardigan!


  4. I miss that AMAZING cheese!!

  5. Basically i wore that exact same outfit yesterday haha except my cardigan was dark green! also i tweeted this morning about craving starbucks... and you just had some... awkward. ALSO i love the kitten cam. i didnt know about this ill prob check it like 10 times a day. too bad there no baby cams or something!

  6. Ohhhh, I feel you with the lactose intolerance (if that's why you can't eat cheese? Not sure?)! I have been loving the soy milk, but I can't bring myself to try soy cheese or ice cream -- and then I pay for it later. Sad.

    1. yes! dairy upsets joony's stomach when it gets all up in his milk, so i'll be staying away for a while. i miss the cheese dearly.


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