1 & 2 on t-day

flats: kmart; jeans/belt: ae; tee/jacket: target; scarf: panache
happy thanksgiving, everyone! and to any readers outside of the US...happy thursday.
i didn't know if all the cool bloggers would be posting today, but then i figured hey. a day devoted to lounging around and eating? i'm sure some people are perusing blogs today. and i've never fit in with all the cool bloggers, anyway. i don't wear enough red lipstick (correction: i don't wear any red lipstick).

two things:
1. this gif:
i keep watching it over and over, every time expecting to see him hop out of his little igloo! ooh and the folding ears, it's all just too too much.

2. i made $35 selling old clothes to a consignment shop the other night. awesome. can't wait to pour that wad of cassshh back into my closet. a whole new wardrobe!! jk, like two new shirts, but i'm still excited. along those lines, here's some cheap stuff at forever 21 i like right now: this expensive-looking skirt, this awesome tee shirt, and this neon scarf. david, if you're reading...surprises are never a bad idea....just kidding. ;)

i hope you're all having a happy day with people you love!
p.s. you can see what we're pigging out on today in tuesday's post.


  1. I just bought red lipstick yesterday to try it out and I bought THE WRONG SHADE. I looked like the Joker in "The Dark Knight." Some people just shouldn't wear lipstick -- although I'm sure you could pull it off!

    1. that's what i feel like i'd look like! my skin is so pale and my lips are so thin...i just don't see it on me. a lot of people look FIERCE in a bold lip. i'm just not one of them.


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