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boots: madewell; leggings: old navy; sweater/scarf: panache

some days it feels good to get dressed...even if it's just an oversized sweater and leggings to go return a redbox, then back to yoga pants around the apartment. and, okay, fine, these are maternity leggings and i haven't been pregnant for seven months. they're just so much more comfortable than regular leggings!

my weekend:
+ a mischievous little blondie grinning and cocking his eyebrows and babbling his way out of bedtime, the little turkey. it's hard to shut him down when he's being so sweet.
+ twilight, which was not bad at all, and managed to surprise me even though i'd already read the book.
+ admiring new-to-us vintage stuff at panache, like this new shipment and this little cutie: 
i mean, right??! (people sometimes ask me how i resist taking one of everything for myself down at the store...it takes everything i've got, ok? everything.)  ((also: my job rocks))  (((and one more also, occasionally i do not resist. i am weak)))
+ calling my mom sobbing because sometimes, a grown-up is a really terrifying thing to be and it would be so much easier to just...not be one. i'm going to say those tears were like 50% real life and 50% pms...maybe 30/70, now that i'm seriously contemplating it...
+ getting the gas to our fireplace turned on...AAAW YEAH!
+ a pecan pie, which i may have consumed in its entirety. i can't be sure, it all happened so fast.
+ one of our longest nights so far with joonerpants...he got a cold and couldn't sleep on his back comfortably, so there was lots of rocking and cuddling and trading off sleeping time between david and i.
+ daiya cheese....SO GOOD! dairy-free friends, you gotta get in on this. david had nachos, i had a quesedilla, we're making pizza next week, party over here.
+ planning thanksgiving dinner for two..well, three, but joony eats breastmilk and pureed produce. so. two.

...so overall, a weekend packed full of so many things.


  1. This was basically my weekend outfit plus a pair of thick, knee socks <3 Also good to know others can share the "being an adult is tough" tears with! So maybe 50% (or %70.. or %90) is due to PMS, but that doesn't make it any easier! Good luck with everything and have a great week :)

    <3 Casey

    P.S. That fireplace looks lovely!


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