boring outfits and joony travels

boots: target; skirt/cardi: nordstrom
this is one of those should i blog this? outfits. i tried on 30 different things that morning and nothing felt right. why does that only happen before church on sundays? it always makes us late and i always end up in some kind of safe pencil skirt/cardigan ensemble. when i lived at home my mom and i wold always pace back and forth between our closets, stealing clothes from each other and asking, "does this look stupid?" i guess sunday morning indecisiveness is genetic. and speaking of family....
today joony and i are taking off for california!
i am terrified of traveling with a baby, but i couldn't bear the thought of missing my sister's baby shower this weekend, so away we go! i've been anxious all week about packing the right things, the flight going smoothly, nursing*, joony sleeping okay in a strange place (he's never slept anywhere other than our bed at home!), all those little details...hopefully all my worrying pays off and our trip goes without a hitch. even if joony is fussy the whole time and i forget half of the stuff we need, it will be wonderful to soak in time with my family in the bay area and celebrate the arrival of my little niece--i can't believe she is coming so soon. any last minute tips for traveling with a bitty one? i would welcome any advice you have on this one!

*i'm a big-time supporter of feeding your baby whenever and wherever (since i don't go hide in a bathroom stall when i'm eating a snack or drinking a diet coke), but up until now i haven't really needed to do so anywhere but at home or in the car. we just haven't traveled very far together. here's hoping mutual respect pays off in the airport and anywhere else our adventures this weekend take us!


  1. footie pajamas! wear him in Moby! have fun

  2. just bring your nursing cover up. no one will even pay attention to you =) airports are actually pretty conducive to nursing, if you need to. oh, and make sure your diapers and wipes are really easy to get to, cause airplane bathrooms are not easy to diaper change in! =) have fun in SF. oakland used to be my temple, and my little girl was born in san jose, so i'm pretty jealous! i'd love to go back =)

  3. Nurse during take off and landing (or a pacifier). Eleanora and I've flown about a around 10 times and no ones said anything to me. I think people would rather see a little flesh than have a screaming baby. With that being said, also relax, Eleanora can always tell when I'm stressed and that rubs off on her. She usually ends up sleeping as soon as they dim the lights and the engine starts roaring.

  4. Oh, and if you wrap your baby you don't have to take them out for security! New law, and it made things 10000 times easier this time around. They will swipe your hands and test it for explosives, but totally worth if to have free hands through security.

  5. your hair looks amazing all the time now you suck. DONT FORGET TO DOCUMENT JOONYS EVERY MOVE!!!! joonys first poop in california... so cute. loves you and miss you already

  6. I flew with Brinley a lot her first yr of life and I found that the more I stressed about every little peep she made, it made her stress too. He's a baby. Babies cry! Stay calm during those moments and dont apologize about it. DO try to nurse him on the taking off and decent so it will help his ears from not plugging or popping.

  7. So my advice would be LESS IS ENOUGH! I have flown from the East coast to West coast with my then, 4 yr old 2 yr old and 4 month old, boys ALL BY MYSELF!! It was a crazy trip out there to visit family. I packed WAY TOO MUCH and carried even more through the airport with me. I had several bags with all kinds of things I never used along with my double stroller. After a wonderful visit and family time, my oldest brother, Father of 5, gave me the best advice...LESS IS ENOUGH! I ditched my stroller in Cali and only took one bag with very little on board. I'd say for the age of your cutie that Twizzle Red licorice is a life saver. When he gets a little older and you need to travel, Dum Dum lolli-pops are great! These treat items really help with the fussy little ones and they can't choke on them. I know it sounds crazy I'd give my super tiny loved ones such junk items, but it worked like a charm and helped a very stressful time become a happy memory for us all (and all seated around us). Another BIG helpful hint would be do what’s best for you and your Little. Don’t worry about anyone else or what they think of what you’re doing. Just be ready for people to blow you away with rude comments or reaching out to offer you a kind helpful hand. There’ll be both kinds. Have a great trip and just enjoy your family.

  8. You can totally do this! I flew alone with B when she was like 18 months and it was hard cause she was mobile (walking) but I am sure that you will be a-ok! Don't worry what others think, you will probably never see them again :)

  9. I like your outfit! I like the black tights with the black shoes. Okay...Jax is a complete nightmare on a plane and so I hope little Joony is better than he is! When Jax was smaller we took those "Nums" things on planes. They're just rice crackers and pretty non-messy and they dissolve really easy (so they don't choke) and they're good for teething and sucking on too. Jax loved them and they would keep him occupied forever. Now of course, we have to take turns running down the aisle and standing near the bathroom with him. lol

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