boots: madewell archive boot; jeans: target; tee: walgreens; sweater: paizlee

do you remember the sweater that i made a huge old fuss about in this post? well, here she is! if you don't think it was worth it, don't tell me because i don't care. i love love love my new sweater and anticipate a long and happy partnership between me and it (it and i? this one has me stumped...where my fellow english majors at?).

watching: episodes of new girl ("is there a hot way to say, 'i don't feel sexy when i've had a lot of cheese?'") & the mindy project ("dar. castellano! you look handsome like a youth minister!") again. i like them. also, hot rod. once i find something i like to watch, it's on repeat. 

listening to: music while i run! i just started running and so far, so good. i miiiight be doing a half marathon in the winter? maybe a 10k. we'll see. so far having good music is crucial to my runs. it feels good to sweat.

thinking about: carrie's cookie recipe. i truly thought i had the perfect cookie recipe down to a science...until this recipe came and changed everything. it changed everything! these are SO. GOOD. and the coconut oil, it just does something in that dough. it does a magical thing. make them today...not tomorrow, not after breakfast, TODAY! (sorry, shawshank redemption quote, 10 points if you got it).

loving: my new phone! i am finally in the cool club with a smartphone (although not an iphone, geez, i'm not a millionaire, you guys). i think i'm doing a decent job of resisting the urge to have my nose permanently glued the the screen (i left facebook off of it). i'm loving instagram - i'm thebrandilyn - and i found an app that helps me tune my violin! on the down side, texting still takes me approximately 10 years.

reading: peace like a river, by lief enger. it was recommended by one of my college creative writing professors and i'm just getting around to reading it...how lame am i?

making me happy: joony talking. well, screeching. he's found his voice, and it sounds like we're pulling his fingernails out. he'll be happy, hanging out, playing, and then the shrieking starts. it's awesome and startling.

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  1. Love your list! And that sweater was totally worth it. Don't let anyone tell you different.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. You make me want to chop my bangs! Also the sweater was SO worth it!

  3. Cute sweater! It looks so cozy. And your hair looks fabulous! I love those bangs. Fly to GA and cut mine for me? Thanks ;) xo! eliza

  4. I love it when bloggers get bangs! Only because it makes me feel a tad bit trendier (I've had bangs my entire life).

    And I love that you love New Girl and The Mindy Project. Those are some of my faves. :)

  5. love the baby jibber jabber. so darn cute!
    and yes, the sweater was well worth the effort. the print, the colours, the wrap style...i love it all. if you get sick of it, you can pass it along to me.

  6. Ah! The sweater! Seriously dig it...considering investing in one myself. Maybe get straight bangs too? Obviously ALL the cool girls are doing it...
    Love your blog Brandilyn!

  7. I love your sweater, it looks so warm and cozy!


  8. love the sweater obvi. also your bun looks crazy good with the bangs!! your converting me to bangs you look so freakin good in them!!

  9. that sweater is gorgeous and your bangzzz look awesome with a bun!

  10. 1. sweater=aweeesome
    2. I bet it was Brother Allen, wasn't it? We read that book in his Superheroes Class. Seriously AMAZING. I loved it.

  11. Love the sweater!!
    And it's "it and me." Hooray for English majors! (It's always "me" instead of "I" for the object of a sentence. Hellooo nerd points.)


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