i'll be your winter coat, buttoned and zipped straight to your throat with the collar up so you won't catch cold

boots: tj maxx; pants: panache; sweater: gap mens; scarf: target

last week, david had an important skype meeting first thing one morning. my plan was to bundle joony and i up, drive to idaho falls, and get some soy hot chocolate so david could focus in a quiet house. however, we woke up to the winter wonderland you see above, and immediately said, "nope, not driving anywhere." and we snuggled back into bed...until david was done with his meeting, when we decided a huge breakfast sounded like a good idea. we ran to the grocery store (small town bonus: it's 2 minutes away!) and came home to cook up a delicious storm.
the snow only lasted a day or two before melting off and turning into fall again, but it was nice to slip into winter-mode for a little while. and it was especially nice to eat a big, warm breakfast in a day like that.

p.s. i got instagram! i'm thebrandilyn. so much fun!


  1. ahhh SNOW! Being a girl born in Alaska that's lived most of her life in Texas I always long for a snowy winter or at least Christmas. Enjoy it.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. That breakfast looks so yummy! Also, I love the colors in your outfit.

  3. cuteeeee i love this outfit!!! and your sweater!!!!

  4. Wow, snow! Looks great over there :-) The color combination in your outfit is lovely!! The breakfast looks delicous haha.

    X Saskia

  5. instaFINALLY B! lksjdflkjasfljkasdf jumping to my phone RIGHT NOW TO FOLLOW YOUR CUTE BUTT

  6. So much SNOW! I never thought I'd say this since I hate being cold, but I'm kind of jealous.

  7. I'm so jealous of all of this snow! What fun!!! Bring on the winter season! And of course you are adorable ;)
    xo TJ


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