impulsive hair cutting

boots/jeans: target; top/cardi: panache
i am an impulsive person.
i cut my own bangs a while ago and they just weren't looking right to me. so, a few days ago, i thought, "i'm cutting new bangs." i was actually proud of myself for stopping at target first to pick up barber shears instead of using kitchen scissors like i usually do! this habit of mine makes my mother and my hair stylist friends cringe, i know. so that night, i went and cut myself some blogger bangs and haven't looked back. the change is fun and all my hairstyles feel new! plus, weirdly, david loves them. usually he's pretty neutral on any hair matter ("yup, looks good!"), but he keeps commenting on these. AND he helped me trim all the little stray wispies that i missed! i think i'll keep them (and him, for the record) for a while...or at least until another impulse strikes me...


  1. these look great! i'm a firm believer in cutting your own bangs, too. here in the city, i had been going to a place that cost $20 per bangs trim. twenty. bucks. not including a tip. ... then i came to my senses ;) xo

  2. bangs are bangin'
    also NEED those boots.

  3. I love your bangs, so cute! And I know just what you mean about being an impulsive hair cutter, I get in trouble every couple months for trying to take the easy way out. Any tips for cutting blogger bangs?I may be trying again soon ;-)

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  5. i always cut my own bangs! it's really scary at first but you'll get better and better :)


  6. I impulse cut my bangs several times a year haha. Last time was with the kitchen scissors....I'll get there someday.

  7. Love those bangs! I really wish I could pull them off, but it does NOT work with curly hair. You look fabulous.

  8. your bangs look adorable! i use kitchen scissors, too... whoops...


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