heels/sweater: target; tights: kohl's; dress: gap; top: panache; belt: f21
over the thanksgiving break, all of our employees left rexburg to spend the holiday with their family, so david and i both got to spend some time in our little shop, something we haven't done much of lately. our new manager has done an amazing job giving the store a little makeover, and i had so much fun playing dress-up with the mannequins (blogged here) and ringing up some familiar faces.

owning a boutique is definitely not something i ever saw myself doing until after we did it, and i really can't believe we've been doing our thing on main street for four and a half years now. our little space in that 100 year-old building will always have a special space in my heart (while the college girls who come in and are obnoxiously rude will always have a special little spot on my "thumbs down" list). and...big news...we just got our first radio ad! i feel like my little business is all grown up now, with a fancy voice on the radio saying her name and all.


  1. Oh my WORD! I have been looking for the perfect fair isle tights everywhere, and there they are! Also, I LOVE your milkglass displays. So pretty.

  2. I've been silently blog stalking you for a while now. (Creepy? Kinda.) I just really love this outfit! I went into your store a few times when we were still in Rexburg. I love it. I really want to open a boutique like it here (Des Moines, IA). I have no idea where to start, but I've been doing some Google-ing. Your cute store just made me want to have one like it!

    1. Amy - that is so nice! Not creepy at ALL. It makes me happy happy happy that you liked our little store! You should TOTALLY open a boutique if it's something you would love. I think you would be surprised at how doable it is! AND...let me know if you do, I want to hear all about your adventures!


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