perfect shot

flats/turtleneck/jacket: target; jeans: ae

did everyone have the best long weekend ever? we had a ton of fun as a little family of three and my meal plan went off without a hitch:
mashed potatoes and gravy are totally my jam and i'm so sad now that the leftovers are gone. i'm also trying to convince david that we neeeeed a christmas tree (a more legitimate tree than our 15"-er, that is), so my days are pretty busy now. luckily, we got family christmas photos out of the way! after soooo much stressing about outfits, hair, location, etc...we finally got the perfect shot, you guys. it doesn't involve railroad tracks or balloons but we still think it's pretty classy:
right? can't wait to send these out to everyone we know. ;)


  1. i for real love those pics!!!!!! they should be on one of those strips where u take pics in a photo booth?? that would be so cute!!!! omggg btw love those flats want them. k ur pretty bye

  2. I love those pictures of you three! Are you really going to use that for a Christmas card? Because if you are, that is going to be so dang cute! That's the best idea!

    1. haha you're so nice. no, the cluttered living room in the background will probably keep these ones off the christmas card...if we even do one!!


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