seven-month stuff

i think he looks like a happy little buddha in this picture!

six months ago, i posted about the products we used and loved with a newborn in the house right here. i thought i'd do another, similar post on stuff with a seven-month old guy rolling around. plus, it's black friday! if you're shopping for a little one, or a momma, maybe you'll get some inspiration here. these are all just my personal opinions...i'd love to hear what you use and love!

1. lounge pillow. this sits next to my side of the bed, and when it's time for a middle-of-the-night nurse, i put it behind me to lean against (the handle on top is convenient, too). when paired with the boppy, it makes for pretty cozy nighttime feeding...which is good, because i'm up at 12, 4, and 7 nightly! if you wanted to go nuts, you could get this one..ha!

2. rock 'n play. i should have posted about this before, because we've been using it every single day since day one. joony napped in it when he was teeny, he hangs out in it all the time, and now we feed him in it--although he doesn't recline in it anymore, he likes to sit up! cannot recommend this enough.

3. johnny jump up. joony is just starting to use his legs, and he adores jumping around in this thing. it's really cute:

4. sleep sheep. this is by far the cutest white noise machine i've seen, and david and i love falling asleep to the noises too (david thinks the heartbeat is creepy and i think the whales sound sad, but the rain and the ocean sounds are so soothing). also, when i traveled to california i just pulled the noise box out and took it, which was so easy to pack and joony had his familiar bedtime sounds while we were away.

5. hyland homeopathic teething tablets. these seem to really help when joony's gums get sore. when it seems to be really bothering him, we'll do infant advil (now that he's older than 6 months), but the hyland tablets are awesome for the rest of the time.

6. elizabeth mitchell (children's) pandora station. the songs are cheesy and silly, but it's cute children's music that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. the lullaby station is also really nice for bedtime.

7. pamper's sensitive wipes. i tried the cheapy wipes, and they felt scratchy and stiff and i hated them. i love these. i just buy the refill plastic pouches and stick them in the hard case i bought the first time.

**none of this stuff is sponsored or anything, it's just what i use and love! 

any personal recommendations you have would be welcome! share!
update on the stuff i posted about six months ago: i still use the boppy every single day. it's awesome and worth every penny. the moby is also something we use frequently, although with joons tipping the scales at 25 lbs my back can only take so much. and i've tried other brands of nursing pads, and those johnson & johnson ones really are the best.


  1. 25 lbs?! Georgia is 17months and just barely hit 20. Good luck with that Moby for much longer haha! Miss you!

  2. You should get a woven wrap! I got one when the Moby started working less well, and it is TOTALLY worth the money. Plus they're gorgeous. Just google "woven wrap" and you will get a bajillion possibilities. I actually just finally did a post on it not long ago: http://www.jennahsgarden.com/2012/11/all-about-babywearing/

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