silent night

boots: c/o wanted; jeans: ae; flannel: target; vest: old navy
what?! the same shirt two days in a row?? well, now, don't go thinking i'm an unwashed cave lady. this outfit and yesterday's were a full week apart. still, though, this flannel is in constant rotation lately. it's no-fuss, it's warm, and i love the colors. AND...when paired with my vest and boots, i am basically a lumberjack. bonus.

well, yesterday it snowed quite a bit, and since we're a mere week away from thanksgiving...i broke out the christmas decorations. i always roll my eyes when stores have displays out right after halloween (or even before!) but every year, the bug bites me just a little bit early and i can't resist. who made the rule about waiting until after thanksgiving, anyways? it was way too much fun to string up lights and assemble my little nativity on the mantle (yahoo! we have a mantle this year!).

p.s. my hilarious friend ali just opened an etsy shop called little miss designs...if you have a little girl, you need to go over there NOW and admire everything. i usually HATE doofy head adornments on little girls (i'm looking at you, gerber daisies), but these are simple and pretty and perfect. ali = awesome.


  1. Fun story. Visiting California before the holidays, and I have been dying for a flannel shirt to make the Norwegian winter days more manageable... but the selection in stores has been dismal. Then I went to Target and decided I'd bite the bullet and buy the bizarrely colored flannel they had in the women's section. Thankfully, I popped by the men's section to shop for something else for the hubby, and the men's flannel shirts caught my eye! I bought the one you're wearing (if I'm right about it being a boy's shirt) on Monday. Oh yeah, baby! So comfy! So cute! Way better than the cobalt-teal-neon yellow monstrosities they're pawning off on the girls this season. Lumberjack babes, unite!

  2. AWW Brandilyn!! THANK YOU! Thank you so much. And gosh I never thought I would say this, but I miss the snow in Idaho! Here had just rained so far. blahh. Oh and I was dying about the "peeing" comment. hahahahahaha. McKay is the SAME way! So annoying. lol I totally agree with you! helloooo, seen it before!


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