turd-loving filthy animal

boots: madewell; pants: panache; tee: ebay (buy here); cardi: ? old, my storage unit

three things about this outfit:

1. i stole the beanie from david, who bought it at the grocery store for $1. i snort-laughed when he wore it for the first time and said it looked like a turd on his head, like the loving wife i am (don't worry, for every snide comment there are like seven toosh squeezes). but then i wore it, so what does that say about me? you can just call me ole turd-head.

2. i pinned this tee shirt on pinterest and every time it got re-pinned it would pop up in my news feed and i would see it again and chuckle and think, "man, i really do need that shirt for the holidays." so i finally ordered it and now i'm so happy i have it to wear for the next month and a half!

3. i wore these boots in the airport coming home from california the other day and someone came up and complimented me on them, which was really sweet. she asked where i got them and i responded, "madewell!" i pronounced it made-well, because, you know...that's how it's spelled. and she said, "don't you mean mad-well?" umm...no...anyways, kate said she called a madewell store and the girl who picked up pronounced it made-well. so i was right! and why would they put a silent e in there, after all? right. they wouldn't.


  1. It's totalle made-well. Home girl is crazy.

  2. I absolutely love what the T-shirt says, but I wish it came in an actual sweater...

  3. OH MY GOSH. McKay and I went back and forth forever about how Madewell was pronounced. So finally, we just went into the store and he asked (because I was too embarrassed). I thought it was Mad- and he thought it was Made- so then he wouldn't tell me forever (and kept letting me pronounce it wrong.) Then FINALLY I said "Mad-well" one day and he was like...umm...it's actually "Made-well." haha. Soooo you are a better English major than me. Well, especially because you actually FINISHED your major. lol

  4. I love your shirt, its awesome:)

  5. hi cutie! Great christmas shirt haha


  6. um $1 beanie??
    i just bought one for $10 and thought that was a good deal. hah
    super cute outfit :)


  7. I need that shirt! "Home Alone" is pretty much my favorite movie ever.

  8. So I love the three things... and that there's other people who don't know if its made-well or mad-well.


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