oxfords: target; pants: wet seal; tee: wal mart; cardi: h&m; belt: ae; necklace: lucky brand
i wore this to vote!
in my head it was a lot more patriotic than it actually turned out to be. i guess if i was really going for a patriotic look, i should have chosen something more along the lines of our friend rex, but i didn't even start thinking about a good outfit to vote in until the morning of, so time was tight, allright? maybe next time.

in all reality, i am so glad election stuff is done with. i (like everyone else, i'm sure) was so sick of all the mean chatter on facebook and twitter. it made me grumpy and not a single thing i read on facebook swayed me towards either candidate. ANYWAYS, i'm glad it's over and everyone can be friends again.


  1. it is perfect for voting!

  2. love the bright pants!!
    kisses from Milano

  3. Amen about all the negative posts on Facebook! Too bad they're still going on. :(


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