working all angles

boots: madewell; jeans/belt: ae; tee: target; sweater: panache
i tried one of those, you know, fishtail braid things that everyone pins on pinterest? turns out it takes 5x as long as a normal braid and doesn't look all that different.

it also turns out i am relentless when i get my eye on something i "need." the other night i found the aztec-print sweater of my dreams--i've been hunting for a good one for a while. however, it was on pinterest and the link didn't go anywhere (a pet peeve of mine). so i spent a while forever hunting it down...longer than i care to admit, actually. once i found it, the price was too high for my budget, so i brainstormed and then looted my closet to find stuff to list on ebay. that meant taking/editing pictures, writing posts, etc etc etc. once all of that was done...i went ahead and purchased the dang sweater. and that victory was sweet.

so that is the tale of an outfit blogger on a budget. i wish i could see something, think it's cute, and swipe my debit card without thinking twice about it. but...that's not how it works around here. to be honest, though, i think the purchase is a little more fun when i've had to work for it.


  1. Hey that's resourceful lady! Sell stuff, get stuff. That's my way. I also hate hate hate when pinterest links lead no where... breaks my little heard every time.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. That sweater is adorable, i dont blame you for going through all the trouble ;)

  3. Ive been swooning over that sweater!!

  4. For a fish tail braid to look really good and different you have to take SUPER small pieces of hair to move over to the other side and you want it to looser then a normal braid ;)

    1. ooh, good to know!! thanks for the tips, i'll give it another try!

  5. I'm like that, too, since we don't have a lot of money for me to be blowing on clothes. The other day, I found THE perfect peplum dress and had to have it -- so I waited until I got a coupon and a shipping discount and bought it then. It does mean more when you have to work to get it (although you obviously worked a lot harder than I did).

  6. Hahaha I thought the same thing when I attempted a fishtail braid! Good work with the budgeting :)

    Life etc


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