you make me happy when skies are grey

heels: UO/consignment; jeans/tee: target; blazer: ae 2006

i'm afraid i've been a bit of a gloomy butt lately. i feel so overwhelmed sometimes, and this nutso birth control/PMS/holiday season (oh gosh, tmi, i know) cocktail has made for quite the emotional roller coaster.

anyways, here's a short list of things that brought me sunshine yesterday when i was feeling blue:

1. rachel & dan's stunning military photo shoot. i sat on my couch and cried, they're so beautiful and i love that bestie of mine so darned much.

2. joony scooting towards my laptop, then looking so disappointed when i nudge it away, and grunting and squirming until he's within reach again. also, his sitting up (!) and concentrating so hard on new things i hand him.
3. cherry coke. with a straw.

4. a dishwasher and a washing machine running at the same time. just a few months ago we didn't have the luxury of those appliances, and they sure do make our little home feel neat and cozy.

5. the little pile of packages already under our christmas tree. i love brainstorming, shopping for, wrapping, and giving gifts to people i love.

6. a run! i did 2 miles, and it took me a half hour, but i surely did it. i'm literally starting with nothing and working my way up to this half marathon, which is both daunting and exciting. any running advice? i know to get good shoes...although i'm still running in my old navy sneaks. maybe santa will take pity on my weak ankles and shaky knees?

7. this article on motherhood. job vs. relationship...it changed the way i view every little thing i do for my joonbug. my favorite part:
"...the relationship... That's why old ladies come up to us when we're half dead with a 6-week-old strapped to our lopsided leaky chests as we're waddling into the drugstore at 7 am to buy more diapers and say, 'Enjoy this time!' They don't remember the jobs. They don't know it, but what they really mean is 'Enjoy this person, this relationship that you're starting and that's only going to get better but also more complicated, and this love that will make you hurt and make you vibrate with the rest of the universe. Your boobs will stop leaking and diapers are only for a short time and you will survive, but this relationship is your chance to be better than just yourself.'"
beautiful. and so very true.

p.s. here's a gorgeous outtake for your viewing pleasure as well:
yep, i'm one of them classic beauties. deeeeerp.


  1. oh i love love love your blazer!!!

  2. agh ive been so gloomy lately too!! school is over whelming me and i for real just wanna quit right now and drop out. we need like a relaxation day and forget about all our problems!! or we just need a sleepover and make cookies and eat 10 at once cuz that makes me feel better too. love you!!!

  3. I'm super impressed with your marathon goal! The best running advice I've ever gotten is from the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. The book is inspirational, it documents the author's journey from a nonrunning lifestyle to one in which he does a super marathon, and it makes a really interesting case for barefoot running, complete with research to back up all of his claims. Excellent story, and his advice is great - I ditched my "good" shoes in favor of the ridiculous looking vibram barefoot shoots, and I'll never look back. Good luck with your first race!

  4. I like you.

    Running advice from L the exercise abstainer: don't get the runner's trots. It's a real thing and it is hilariously embarrassingly disgusting. And is among one of the millions of reasons why I don't run.

  5. you have probably the cutest kid ever. for real.

  6. I love your outfit! Wish I could pull this color off! So pretty. And your kiddo is adorable!!
    xx Natalia


  7. You're skinny and your hair is amaze.

  8. Hi there, I subscribe to your blog and really enjoy it. Your son is adorable and I love your style. But I am writing today to thank you for the You Are My Sunshine lyrics in the title. You see, my grandmother passed away this month, on the 12th. I spent a lot of time with her when I was a kid. She used to sing that song to me. Thank you for bringing a precious memory to my mind, albeit obviously not on purpose. Thank you so much. <3

    1. michele, i had no idea what to title this post and at the last minute just typed that in there without thinking about it too much...and now i'm so glad it made you think of your grandmother! i'm sorry to hear of your loss and hope you have lots of happy memories of her during the holiday season. thank you so much for reading.


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