your eyes look like coming home

boots: c/o wanted shoes; jeans: ae/thrifted; sweater: jcrew; flannel: target

joony snuck into another outfit picture! that smile in the top picture is rare these days with new teeth making an appearance, poor thing. not rare: the chunk on top of his feet. it kills me. who knew foot pudge could be so endearing? i love it.
other things i love right now:
-mug of cider + hot bath + cold evening + good book + kitten pajamas
side note: joony's new bubble bath smells amazing! stole it.

-dreaming up a new blog header. i don't know how to execute it yet, but in my head it's so cute.

-my new iphone, whaaaat?! yeah, years behind everyone else...i have an iphone. that's the story of my life, late to the cool-kid's game. i also got an adorable otterbox to protect my phone from me. aaw yeah.

-trying to tell david a long story with a cold-induced raspy voice. about halfway through i get frustrated with my inability to articulate...anything. also, it's impossible to sing along with my beloved t-swift.

-my bangs (still). conceited? sorry. they're still novel and fun to me.

-this picture of joony on the airplane:

-fruit (froot?) loops late at night. yum. actually, pretty much any food late at night.

-picking up a crying boy and rocking him until he goes limp in my arms, head on my shoulder. bliss. you'll have to excuse me, i'm feeling extra sentimental in the mom department lately...actually, i think that's been a thing for the last seven months. sheesh.


  1. you guys seem so happy!

  2. AH! Don't post pictures like the first one of Joons! It KILLS ME! KIIILLS ME! Babies should not be that cute. It should be illegal.

  3. hi. i think i just died a little inside how is it possible a baby can be so cute?? seriously tho i just hugged my computer in the lib and everybody was like wth is wrong with that girl. i just really love joony ok???!! and you look pretty and skinny as always.... hatechya

  4. Still don't have an iPhone -- or even a smartphone. So you're not the only one late to the game. :) I love your sweater, P.S.!

    1. thanks, lindsay!! i got it for christmas a few years ago. and hoenstly, having a smartphone is WAY fun, but i was perfectly OK with my regular phone, too!

  5. awww such a big smile, such a cutie! I don't have an iPhone either :( I want one but I'd also like to downsize and spend a lot less on a phone each month *sigh*

    1. smartphones are expensive!! i lucked out and stayed on my parent's family plan, so it's way cheaper for me to pay my parents every month and stay on that plan than to start my own whole new one.

  6. I haven't seen Joony for a while (because I totally suck at the internet and never log on anymore... but that's totally beyond the point), he's looking SO big and happy and cute!!! Happy Friday pretty mama!

    =) Mrs. Biscuit


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