granny brandilyn

boots: target; tights: express; dress: vintage/panache clothing swapped; sweater: old
meet granny brandilyn!
this is what i look like when i channel my inner 90 year old...pretty much every time i wear that sweater, now that i think about it....granny brandilyn is the portion of my soul that loves cats, runs a 12 minute mile, and admires plates hung on walls as decor (david always laughs at me when i thoughtfully say, "well now, that looks nice!"). mostly this outfit was just my desperate attempt to make that red dress suitable for the intense cold we're starting to get. i'm already always cold as it is (another granny brandilyn attribute), so you can imagine how shivery i get when it's actually cold outside. so shivery.

hope your wednesday is going swimmingly. i'll be spending mine puttering around my house, tidying up and putting a plate of cookies together for the neighbor kids. just your typical granny wednesday.


  1. Love the dress! It's a really pretty color on you! :)


  2. u dont even look like a granny!! i love that outfit!! hot mama!! ur gonna have to tone it down a lil when joony gets to be in school so his friends dont hit on you. thats gonna be super awkward

  3. I love granny brandilyn! You look so dang cute! Ugh I remember that Idaho freezing weather! Too cold to even snow!!!!

  4. gotta love granny days ;)

  5. fun ideas! I love these photos.

    Stop by my blog soon.

    www.CharcoalAlley.com // <3 Paris

  6. Such a great sweater, looks so comfortable!


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