joons: the win-win

lately david and i have been taking turns getting up with joony in the morning. come sunrise, homeboy is wide-eyed and propped up on his elbows in bed, talking and rolling from side to side. he grabs david's hair, does a loud, "oooooh!" in his face, then rolls over to be to grab hold of my nose and yell, "buuuuuuuh." it's impossible to sleep through, obnoxious, and really cute all at once.

so now we take turns climbing out of bed with the little guy and taking him out to the living room to roll around and play while the other sleeps a bit more. here's the thing, though: when i'm the one snuggled into bed, warm and drowsy as the davids leave the room, i feel like i got the better end of the deal. but when i'm the one out in the living room with my joony and he's so smiley and curious, i'm positive i'm on the winning end. i guess life is one big win-win with joony around.


  1. What sweet memories you're making with your little boy! He is adorable.

  2. Precious!



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