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i'm brandilyn, the author of this blog...it's called cats & cardigans...once upon a time i posted outfits? i've had this blog for 4.5 years and this is the longest i've ever gone without posting...even when i had a baby! so it's been strange to be gone for 10 days. i had every intention of posting while out of town, but then i...didn't. since it annoys me when bloggers apologize for not posting (my blog, my rules!), i'll just say it feels nice to pop in and say hello.
i've been in northern california with my family for the holidays. david and i were supposed to come in on christmas eve together, but i decided at the very last minute to hop on a plane a full week early. best decision ever!
we've got quite a few transitions happening in our life right now that have made finding my balance feel like an overwhelming thing. it felt good to come to california and spend a week goofing off with my family and having my mom take care of me when i got a nasty chest cold (yuck). it was rough to be away from david, but he's here now (even though his plane was four hours late, putting him in at 1am on christmas! boo) and we're all enjoying our last few days in the sunny hills before we head back to our snowy idaho home.
i hope you all are having the most wonderful holidays! i'll be back with outfits and stories of our california adventures soon enough...if i ever get myself out of fuzzy socks and my mom's old tee shirts. that's looking like a pretty big IF at this point.
all photos from my instagram, making me an even lame-r blogger than before ;) if you thought i lugged my hugie camera through the airport with a baby, though, you cray. also that last picture is one of my new favorites.


  1. Good for you, taking a break! Glad you've enjoyed time with your family. :)

    1. Lindsay, I can't tell you how much I always appreciate your sweet and positive comments! Thank you so much!

  2. yey youre back!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a much needed break though. cant wait to see you!!

  3. sometimes it's nice to get away from the world of blogging. I think it's good for the soul!

    Your young one is gorgeous! makes me want to have a sweet little baby :)

    sending you happy spells


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