we face unafraid the plans that we made

flats: target; jeans/belt: ae; tee: panache; scarf: h&m
this weekend:
1. running on the glorious indoor track at the university in rexburg. i could feel my face the whole time! i didn't worry about slipping on ice! a christmas miracle.
2. my first sunday working in the nursery at church. it was...overwhelming. but good!
3. watching the grinch and eating popcorn in bed with david. wonderful.
4. booking last minute travel to head to california a WEEK earlier than planned for christmas (!!!). oh, man, i'm excited.
5. the most festive photo backdrop. i decorated that JUST to have seasonally appropriate outfit pictures to post! just kidding. but doesn't it look nice?
6. overwhelming despair every time i think about what happened in connecticut. i think about those families constantly and hope they feel close to their little ones even though they are physically gone. every day i remind myself how out-of-my-mind lucky i am to have this:
there are too many people in this world who would give anything to have their babies clinging to them like mine does, drooling and grinning gummy grins. what a beautiful thing it is to have a forever family.

a note: posting will be sporadic this week as i soak up time with some of my favorite people in california. i hope you're enjoying the holiday season and holding the people you love close!


  1. So, I get to see you sooner than Christmas EVE!? YES.

  2. AHHH the NURSERY! I have been in there a little bit lately too! hahahaha so....just crazy. The little kids are so cute...until they pinch or push your child. Then they're not cute anymore.

  3. Cute outfit and I love the shirt with the scarf! Have a Merry Christmas in California!

    Ashley @

  4. Nice post but can you post new photos.
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  5. woh ! Looking so amazing but if try new stylish looking so beautiful.

  6. You write with such honestly. I love the last part. Beautiful. Your baby is gorgeous and you are lucky to have a forever family.
    Bella xx


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