2012 is joony's year

boots: c/o wanted shoes; jeans: target; tee: panache; belt: fossil, thrifted by my mom and stolen by me; cardi: giveaway win c/o lovenell

i generally roll my eyes at year in review/resolution posts this time of year, but 2012 was so huge for me i feel compelled to write a little bit about it--more for myself and record keeping's sake than reader interest, if i'm being honest.

i will always look back on 2012 as joony's year. it marked my third trimester, the experience of bringing another life into the world, and beginning to find my footing as a mom. it's also the year i gave up a day-to-day involvement in our business in favor of staying home with my baby.

april was, of course, my biggest month: facing the disappointment of losing the kind of birth i'd been so excited for, the joy and peace of embracing the birth we did have, and the complete contentment of having that infant placed on my chest seconds after he was born. the beauty of those moments still brings me to grateful tears and makes me want to help other women feel empowered in the same way i did. becoming a mom has consumed my soul in so much more happiness than i ever anticipated. it is the sweetest thing i've ever taken on and i am humbled by the responsibility. i can't wait to see what kind of person the next few years turn my joony into. i can't wait to be along for the ride.

2013 will be a year full of running, reading, writing, and hopefully a new kind of education for me. we already have big changes on the horizon and everything just feels so fresh and exciting. i hope to not be afraid to share a little more about our life on this blog (still with outfits, though!) and to not feel guilty when i don't post every day. isn't welcoming a new year the best?!


  1. i kind of feel the same way about reviews and such, however it was kind of awesome to look back on my year. weird to see how much things have changed and will change this year.

    im really excited for 2013 (mainly because we finish college).

    im looking forward to hearing more about your life oh and of course i love all of your outfits!


  2. Well be warned that there is an eye roller post on my blog right now!


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