brutal wednesday

boots/jeans: target; top: panache clothing swap
i wore this simple outfit out to dinner with david and loved it. i love the way this top fits and i felt comfortable all night! curling my hair is tricky lately since joony loves to grab huge fitsfulls of hair and yank as hard as he can, so a ponytail is usually my best bet. date night felt like a good time to let my hair down, so to speak.

yesterday was brutal, physically speaking.
1. while david was buckling joony into his car seat, i slipped on ice in our driveway and fell square on my back...and heard joony laughing at me the entire time. wonderful. at least he had the decency to look concerned when i hobbled over to the front seat of the car and sat down to assess my wounds (i'm fine, just bruised).
2. while nursing, joony BIT me. OUCH. i looked at him sternly and said in a firm voice, "NO!" the look on his face was so betrayed and heartbroken that i started to cry, too. then david was the one trying not to laugh as joony and i sat on the couch, crying together.
3. i ran on my new treadmill with my bruised back. that one was my own fault and i'm glad i did it, but still...a little brutal nonetheless.

so yeah. a bath was definitely in order by the time 9:30 rolled around.


  1. Brandilyn your hair is freakin awesome! And I love the shirt. You're one hot mom!

  2. Okay, I know you have always been skinny, but girl- you are looking SKINNY! And your hair is rocking as usual.
    Also, when I read the word "assess" I snorted because all I could read was "ass"

    1. thank you!! i'm positive that once i stop nursing i'll be back to a more normal (/healthy) looking weight, but for now i'm enjoying all the free calories. and let's be honest, most of the "assessing" was done on that region of my body....yeeeowch.

  3. you need to try out for a hair commercial. dead. serious. YOUR HAIR IS THE BEST HAIR.

  4. i seriously wish that my hair looked like yours! i tried bangs once and it did not go well... i hope you are feeling better!

  5. hahah!!!! omgsh the crying story is hilar i just laughed so hard! hahahaah. also everytime u wear that shirt it looks so so freakin good on you!!! i love it!!! one of my faves!!!


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