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some thoughts about being a stay at home mom:
L wrote this post and it resonated with me big time. i have a little checklist of things that need to get done every day--you know, bed made, trash cans emptied, dishes done, laundry, dinner, all that--and most days it all gets done. but some days, it doesn't, and i feel so guilty when david comes home at the end of the day and i'm in maternity leggings and one of his sweatshirts. i get all apologetic, and he looks at me like i'm crazy, and is like, "why are you apologizing? JOONY IS ALIVE. that is your job." and it's so true what lacie said...I AM MORE THAN A CLEAN HOUSE.  it feels good to consider measuring the success of my day by the time i spent helping joony scootch across the floor while he tries to crawl, or belly-laughing with him because the ketchup bottle made a farting sound and isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard in your life?! some days, there's a hot dinner on the table, folded clothes in drawers, vacuumed carpets, and a well-dressed wife waiting for david when he walks through the door. other days, there's a frizzy-haired crazy lady, a route 44 diet coke on the table, and joony toys strewn across the carpets. but it's cool, you know? i don't know how many kids i'll have. joony might be an only child, which would mean this is the only time i'll ever have a 9 month old rolling around my house, and i'd like to enjoy this as much as possible before he's a teenager and (probably) hates my guts. so today, i'm feeling good about my full-time job as joony's mama.


  1. That is an awesome attitude on motherhood. I hope I can have one just as positive when I'm a mother. :)

  2. Absolutely what I needed to hear right this second. I'm a full time working mama and by the time I crash through the front door I feel like its a mad, frantic race to bedtime and I'm trying to feed my baby and myself and not forget to do enough laundry to get all of us through the next day and then she's asleep and I'm still in my scrubs and if I'm lucky I'll get 5.5 hours of sleep before it all begins again. I try to see the mess as evidence of a life well spent.

  3. REALLY loved/needed this post. Thankyou for sharing.


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