haynes family holiday card 2012

it's a holiday card because it didn't get out before christmas...or ever, actually. i was going to send one out, but then my travel plans got bumped up and it just didn't happen. our loved ones got this e-version instead! the stunning and talented kate took our pictures, as per usual. she is the official photographer of our lives--kate did our family pictures in 2010, graduation pictures in 2011, and baby pictures and these family pictures in 2012. she always makes us look good! kate, i love you (and not just because of your mad photography skillz). a few other favorites from our quick (and cold!) family photo sesh:

of course my favorite thing is seeing joony's little personality pop out in these pictures. in that first black and white one i think we look so tired, but david pointed out that it's a pretty accurate depiction of how we feel lately. new job for david, new routine for joony and i, and not one full night of sleep in 8 months? tired is a good adjective. tired, grateful, and so happy.

anyways, happy 2013 from us to you! i'm so excited to make friends with this new year. i hope you partied hard last night and are enjoying new year's day with good people!


  1. OMG STOP!!!!!!!!!! those are the cutest pictures ever!!!!!! the first one is just too adorable i have to stop looking at it or else im gonna eat my computer!!! i love these!!!

  2. These are great pics and what a stinkin cute kid!

  3. You have a beautiful family! These are amazing pictures.


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