i won a giveaway, yo

way back before christmas, i received word that i'd WON bridget's huge christmas giveaway. needless to say, i was overwhelmed...so much awesome stuff! one winner takes all! well, everything has made it's way to me and i wanted to show you all the cool stuff i was lucky enough to walk away with.

from babystar, i won an adorable pantsuit (insanely soft!), pants (not pictured), and bib for the joonbugs:

from the etsy shop i screen you screen i got a $50 credit, which i used to get their constellations of the northern hemisphere star chart (mine is navy blue, not purple). it's hanging in our living room:

i won these rustic-looking christmas tree decorations from edie's lab:
lovenell clothing gave me a $50 credit, which i used to get the olivia deep mint blouse and the enchanted lace cream cardigan:
i got a whole bunch of maple goodies from mt. cube sugar farm, which are blow-your-mind delicious. really, i don't even usually put syrup on my waffles, and this stuff has won me over. it is so good.
chapter one & co gave me a $50 credit to their etsy shop, and i got the super chunky neck cowl. it is GORGEOUS and i'm basically wearing it every day lately:

so...phew! so much stuff, right?! i feel insanely spoiled. thank you again to bridget for hosting the awesome giveaway, and to all the shops who donated awesome stuff!


  1. love it all! so glad you're enjoying it!

  2. Love the stuff you picked, especially the constellation picture! Winning giveaways is SO exciting. :)

  3. Holy crap! You cleaned up! It all looks great on you and your house and your baby


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