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madewell archive boot; target jeans & tee; sweater stolen from my mom; cowl giveaway win from this shop
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recipes i've made recently: beef and broccoli (in the crock pot!), these gluten-free cookies (not bad!), and this white chicken chili (loved it!).

i just bought joony IKEA's antilop highchair...cost the same as all the ugly used ones on craigslist...but it's pretty AND new! i'm excited for him to try it out. he's only just starting to try table food, so we'll see!

david is whisking me away to this fancy hotel tonight! it's our first night ever away from joony, oh man. and we're renting snowmobiles tomorrow. just so much excitement!

my favorite thing to listen to while cooking is the shania twain pandora station. if you grew up listening to country music in the 90's (like i did), you will know every song by heart.

the cowl i'm wearing is from this etsy shop. i won it in a giveaway! in real life, it is gorgeous and soft and luxurious. i love it and want to wear it every day all winter.

i'm still using and abusing carrie's perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, by the way. they really do turn out amazing every single time.

video i made of joons (who is 9 months old today!) chatting:
(with a sicknasty spit up edited out, you're welcome)


  1. Brandilyn, it looks fab on you! Thanks for the kind words, love your blog...I will be checking back regularly!! :)

    Chapter One & Co.

  2. white chicken chili, my mother-in-law loves that stuff.
    i love anything from ikea
    and a getaway, amazing.
    love the cowl (gosh i feel weird saying that)
    and now i definitely need some cookies.
    happy 9 months joony! hes adorable.


  3. That highchair came highly recommended, so we got it to. I regret nothing. Seriously. We used one of the fabric covered new Graco highchairs during Thanksgiving and it was so tough to clean. I love that the antilop is all plastic. And cheap. That was a definite bonus.

  4. You will LOVE that high chair! I loved ours when we got it because it was all padded and big, but it is SUCH A PAIN TO CLEAN. Ours has crumbs in every little crack. Yours is awesome. Perfect for babies learning how to feed themselves.

  5. What a darling blog you have here, and I just adore your name :-). Such fun to "meet" you today! Happy weekending...hope you have a wonderful little getaway!

    1. aw, thank you, kristin! i'm so happy you stopped by!!

  6. Why must that baby be so cute?! It's torture. I love how SERIOUS he is.

  7. His chatting is too precious :D

  8. I love that cowl! My friend made me one two years ago, and I love how warm it keeps me all day. Lucky that you won it, too!

  9. I watched the video of Joons with Gibson next to me and the more Joon talked the more Gibson began to answer!

    1. YES! they're already friends!!


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